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    Mr. Ken Jackson,

    We just wanted to reach out and commend your company on such a fast response. As it turns out we were mistaken and the issue had no relation to the roof you had installed (as you are aware from doing your own verification). Within the current market it has become increasingly difficult to find a company that stands behind their work and responds so promptly. Thank you for your quick attention to this matter, and again my apologies you had to change your plans last minute to address the concern during your obvious busy season.


    Eric Thompson

    Archipelago Township, 2022

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    STOP Roofing ! You literally sent us the dream team. They worked so hard and diligently. They were so respectful and did an amazing job. They finished up despite rain, heat and humidity, black flies and a power outage. Such Troopers ! The roof looks GREAT! Thanks,


    Huntsville, ON, May of 2022

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    I found Darren and his team to be extremely professional and reliable. They were very respectful of my families needs. I foster children with high behaviours and the team was quiet, did not use profanities and were accommodating. We had a birthday party in the backyard and the team roped off where the children were not to go and the team ensured everyone’s safety at all times. We felt very supported by the team and were extremely happy with the entire process.


    Parry Sound, ON, May of 2022

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    We totally love our new roof. Stop roofing gave us peace of mind as they not only took care of making my roof spectacular, but also, they took very good care of what doesn't show underneath! There were some problematic areas around the dormers and they fixed everything. The talented team has given a renewed beauty to my century-old house which now looks like a work of art. Thank you Stop Roofing! Photos unfortunately don't show the real beauty of the copper color shingles... It is just like the sunset: you have to see it to appreciate how beautiful it is!

    Veronique Gagnon

    North Bay, ON, November 2021

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    Mike is very professional knowledgeable and helpful when I asked about metal roofing. I would go with this company if you are looking to get a metal roof.

    Margaret Simancas

    Mississauga, ON, May 2021

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    These guys did an amazing job from start to finish. Friendly, on time, and quick ! They cleaned up after themselves thoroughly and exceeded our expectations in every way.

    Would recommend them to everyone ! So very happy with everything!

    Leighanna D

    South River, ON, May 2021

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    We are so happy with our new roof from Stop Roofing. We have peace of mind knowing we have a high quality product with professional installation. Thank you so much.

    John Master

    Glencairn, ON, April 2021

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    Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Linda and I are pleased with Ken and his crew at Stop Roofing Inc.. A few years ago we had our new roof put on, first time metal roof. We are very pleased with our New Metal roof and they are very affordable. Ken's team cleaned up their mess, we were very happy to see that done. We will never have to replace our roof again, I never have to go on my roof to clean off the snow, one thing less to do.

    Get A quote, you will be surprised and you're are buying quality. I love the Manufacture warranty, 50 years. FIVE STARS Rating best quality We highly recommend using Stop Roofing Thank you Ken and his Crew

    Jack Cryderman

    Huntsville, ON, April 2021

  • Testimonials

    Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value We put on a new roof last Fall, we loved the fact we did not hire anyone this winter to shovel off the snow. We love the Manufacture 50 year warranty that comes with the metal roof . Ken and his time are very professional, fast and efficient. The team cleaned up very nicely. I highly recommend Stop Roofing, I have already had 2 friends that I referred them to put on a new Metal Roof also .

    Thank you Stop Roofing, I never have to replace my roof again:))) If your looking for great service, call Ken at Stop Roofing. Five Star Rating for sure:)

    Sally Honesty
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    Jack and I are pleased with Ken and his crew at Stop Roofing Inc.. A few years ago we had our new roof put on, the crew cleaned up their work very nicely.

    We are very pleased with our new Metal roof and they are very affordable. Get A quote, you will be surprised and you're are buying quality. I love the Manufacture warranty, 50 years. FIVE STARS Rating for sure! Thank you Ken and his Crew:)

    Linda Cryderman

    Huntsville, ON, 2021

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    Stop Roofing is amazing. The quality of their work is displayed as promised. They were thorough and every promise was kept. They were efficient, punctual, respectful, polite and did the job in superb time without eliminating any quality. Darrin, Brad and James were a wonderful crew and worked very well together as a team to achieve the objective of Great Customer Service and Satisfaction. The crew was so respectful, polite and helpful to me. I enjoyed meeting them all.

    If I could rate more than 5 Star, they would certainly deserve it.

    No pressure selling, the product sells itself and Jim was so helpful and answered all my questions promptly and without hesitation.

    I would recommend Stop Roofing to anyone who wants a very classy roof on their house.

    Thank you for your excellent Customer Service and satisfaction.

    Liz W

     Barrie Ontario, March 2021

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    Excellent service in every way with this company. We had a new roof installed on our cottage to replace a 20 year old asphalt roof that was supposed to last 35 years or more. They removed the old roof and cleaned all the debris. The installers were professional and were a hard working team. They sent us photos of the roof installation when we were not there. Really happy with the way it turned out. Great product as well.

    Tony S

    ValCaron, ON, January 2021

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    I think they are an excellent business. Their sales rep was great to deal with. The roofing crew themselves were outstanding. Very professional. My roof job was started and finished on time. It looks beautiful. They totally cleaned up the job site before they left. They were a pleasure to have on my property. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Rick H

    January 2021

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    Helpful and knowledgeable. Roof looks great and increased house value. Job was done quickly and clean up was great. Awesome job??

    Lori S.

    Rosseau, ON, January 2021

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    Stop Roofing was a very easy decision for us when we had to have our roof done. Not only was the price right, but the whole process was so smooth and easy and the product cannot be beat. I learned so much about metal roofing and what to look for and what to avoid from the quote. *** took the time to explain everything to us so that even if we didn’t go with them, we had the knowledge to make the right decision and knew what to look out for in other companies. When it came time to the installation, the team was amazing. Very professional and courteous. It was very obvious that they were all experts in their field. Highly recommended!

    Jessie C

    January 2021

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    Company handled the re-roofing of my asphalt roof professionally and efficiently. They provided a plan and executed it well. Job was done right the first time and clean-up was very good. I would definitely recommend them.

    Joseph C

    January 2021

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    Great job by a team of professionals. Arrived as scheduled and completed a thorough cleanup when done. Highly recommended.

    Randy H
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    When it was time for me to get a new roof I did quite a bit of research. I knew I wanted a steel roof so I never have to buy another roof again, so I set out to get over 10 quotes from over 10 different companies. Every company was disappointing until Ken from Stop Roofing showed up. Ken was so knowledgeable about his roofs, more so than any other roofer that came by. Once deciding to go with Stop Roofing Ken let me know when to expect his team and when they showed up they were professional and efficient. My roof was almost done in a day. I watched every installer go around my house twice checking for scraps that may have blown off the roof, cleaning up things that I’m sure were there before they showed up. And now I look at the most beautiful roof and am so excited to never have to get a roof again. I will recommend these guys to everyone. Stop Roofing Inc. Thank you!!!!

    Kelly Taylor, Gravenhurst, Ontario


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    We are very pleased to give Stop Roofing Inc. a five out five star rating. During a wind storm here in Wasaga Beach, Ontario we had a number of asphalt shingles blow off our roof. Although we had makeshift repairs done we knew it was time for a new roof. We invited Ken Jackson of Stop Roofing Inc. to give us a presentation on metal roofing. Ken is a true roofing expert, knowledgeable on all types of roofing but only installs metal roofs. We understood the economics involved, install a metal roof once and we will never have to install another one. It made absolute sense to us. With Ken’s help we chose a style and colour that would complement our house. Brad and his installation crew did an exceptional job, working long days and tirelessly to ensure our satisfaction. We are very pleased with our new metal roof and have had many compliments on it from our neighbours and passersby. We strongly recommend to you that if you need a new roof you give Stop Roofing Inc. a call. We are sure you will be as pleased with your new roof as we are.

    Barry & Caroline Peterson, Wasaga Beach, Ontario


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    We have just had our roof completed by Chris and his crew, they arrived in the morning and immediately set to preparing the roof. After Ken brought supplies they did not stop till well into the day. They were friendly, polite, hardworking each knowing their job to be done. When the roof was finished a clean–up was done and Chris went over any questions we had. Highly recommend Stop Roofing, Ken, Laurie, Chris and his team. Great job. Thank you.

    Alvin & Susan Prince, Sundridge

    Sundridge, 2018

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    From the first conversation with Ken to the installation of our steel roof our experience with Stop Roofing has been a great one. Ken addressed all of our questions and concerns in a professional and customer–focused manner. The installation went smoothly and the “Chris team” was polite, friendly and kept the site clean. The finished product looks great and we would definitely recommend this company.

    Jamie Wiley, Seguin


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    I was very pleased with Stoproofing, (Ken, and his crew). It was very cold outside, and these guys went hard at it for three days to get my roof done. They even went the extra mile putting insulation in where my roof has a valley and had been leaking inside. Very polite, and very informative. I would definitely recommend this company to any body looking to never having to do their roof again.

    Cheryl Haskim, Parry Sound
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    The installation was started late in the season owing to the bad weather, but once started, was completed in good time. The roofs look great, and Chris and Mike did a really nice job of finishing everything off properly. I am hoping it will shed the snow better than the old shingles did. Perhaps my only note of improvement would be if the guys could carry small pouches to catch all the small metal cuttings,a good idea in a location where a lot of people will be walking “barefoot” in the good weather … this was difficult to manage here, as the snow had already begun and it was pretty cold; I rented a magnetic sweeper and got most of what remained, will do it again in Spring. Thanks for a great job guys!

    Bruce Templeton, Huntsville
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    Stoproofing is a professional and well run company. Ken and his crew were respectful of our property and did an excellent job replacing our roof. All our questions were answered and all nessesary documents were provided. We are extremely pleased and would recommend Stoproofing to anyone looking to replace their roof.

    Rob and Karen Parton, Parry Sound


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    We had our roof replaced in Parry Sound in the spring of 2017 and we love it! Ken and his crew worked professionally and tirelessly in between rainstorms to get our roof completed. The result is a gorgeous new roof and an installation job that will be worry–free for decades!

    Shendah Davy, Parry Sound
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    We love our new roof and the piece of mind that comes with knowing we’ll never have to replace our roof again with our lifetime warranty. A big thank you to the professional staff at STOP roofing Inc. We’d recommend this product to anyone requiring roofing services.

    Peter Mullen, Rosseau